Amazon FZ Coins Daily Quiz Answers Today 13 January 2023 Win Prizes

Amazon FZ Coins Daily Quiz Answers Today 13 January 2023 : Amazon India one of the best online shopping platforms in india. But now we have discuss about amazon quiz contest. In the year of 2023 Amazon launches a quiz contest which quiz also known as ( Funzone Coins Quiz ). During this contest you can find 4 types of quiz such as FZ Coins Weekly Quiz , FZ Coins Daily Quiz, FZ Coins Weekly Jackpot Quiz , FZ Coins Daily Jackpot Quiz , But in this post you can find FZ Coins Daily Quiz Answers Today 13 January 2023.

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Amazon Fz Coins Quiz Answers Today

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Amazon FZ Coins Daily Quiz Answers Today

Today we will explains about Amazon Fun Zone Coins Daily Quiz Answers of 6 January 2023. If you play Amazon fz coins daily quiz contest & gave all questions answers of amazon fz quiz time correctly and you will earn 10 fz coins daily. Then you can convert fz coins to amazon pay balance easily. Find below today’s amazon fz coins daily quiz answers. Minimum redeemable fz coins are 150.

How To Play Amazon FZ Coins Daily Quiz?

1. First of all download Amazon App from play store.

2. Sign Up with your Mobile Number , E-mail I’d and some basic details,

3. Type funzone on search bar and click on search icon.

4. Click on Play Now.

5. Click on FZ Coins Daily Quiz section.

6. Click on START.

7. Gave all questions answer correctly and earn 10 coins.

8. All questions answers are find in below.

How To Redeem FZ Coins To Amazon Pay Balance?

1. First of all visit funzone section on Amazon App.

2. Click on Redeem Coins on Balance section.

3. You can redeem your coin as your available balance and get Amazon pay balance.

4. Let’s enjoy.

Amazon FZ Coins Daily Quiz Answers 13 January 2023

Q1. How many teeth does an adulta. human have?

A. 20
B. 22
C. 30
D. 32

Answer – 32

Q2. What is the name of the ship that sank in 1912?

A. Titanic
B. Hero
C. Alexander
D. Fishburn

Answer : Titanic

Q3. What is the opposite of ‘Soft’?

A. Hard
B. Heavy
C. Cold
D. Fragile

Answer : Hard

Q4. Which is the newest country in the world?

A. Palau
B. Kosovo
C. East Timor
D. South Sudan

Answer : South Sudan

Q5. What kind of tree do acorns come from?

A. Apple
B. Coconut
C. Oak
D. Mango

Answer : Oak

Amazon Daily Fz Coins Answers Today 12 January 2023

Q1. What is the boiling point of water?

Answer : 100°C

Q2. Which is nearest planet to the sun?

Answer : Mercury

Q3. What acid is found in lemon?

Answer : Citric acid

Q4: Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?

Answer : Mount Everest

Q5. Which is the fastest bird on foot?

Answer : Ostrich


I hope this questions answers will help you for playing amazon fz coins daily quiz contest of 13 January 2023. So daily visit our website or telegram channel and get latest updates .

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