Park+ Quiz Answers Today 2 September 2023 Play & Win Free Petrol Of 1 litre Daily.

Park+ Quiz Answers

Participate in Park+ Daily Quiz 2 September 2023 during contest period and win free petrol. Park+ quiz also available on park+ website or app . Every questions you can earn free petrol. So don’t be late play park+ quiz answers today 2 September 2023 today and win free petrol.

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Park+ Quiz Answers Today

Play Park+ daily quiz contest on both Park+ App and website and win free petrol. So gave park+ quiz answers today and win petrol. That quiz also known as park+ today quiz.

Park+ Daiy Quiz Answers Today

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Park+ Daily Quiz Answers Today

Today we will explains about PARK+ Quiz Answers 2nd September 2023 , What is park+ quiz, How to to find Park+ Daily Quiz Answers, How many questions are find in contest, During period of the contest. How to play Park+ Daily Quiz. So play park+ today quiz of 2nd September 2023 and win free petrol.

How To Play Park+ Daily Quiz Today?

  • First of all download app or visit official website of park+.
  • Click on quiz section on app or click on park+ discover section on website.
  • They will asks 5 questions and each questions are you can win petrol.
  • Gave all questions answers correctly and win petrol daily.

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 2 September 2023

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Q1. Which company produces the rally car Sport Quattro S1?

A. Mercedes-Benz
C. Porsche
D. Audi

Answer : Audi

Q2. In formula 1 racing what does “Pit Stop” refers to

A. The final lap of the race
B. The team’s strategy meeting
C. When the driver retires from the race
D. A stop for tire change, fuel, and adjustments during the race

Answer . A stop for tire change, fuel and adjustment during the race

Q3. What part can cause alignment problems ?

A. Worn Brake pads
B. Faulty Steering wheel
C. Worn Wheel Bearings
D. Worn Tyre Tread

Answer . Worn wheel bearings

Q4. Guess the car name from the image

A. Mahindra Thar
B. Maruti Jimny
C. Force Gurkha
D. Mercedes G Wagon

Answer . Force gurkha

Q5. Which car manufacturer introduces the SUV brezza ?

A. Ford
B. Tata Motors
C. Mahindra
D. Maruti Suzuki

Answer. Maruti suzuki

Park+ Daily Quiz Answers Today 1st September 2023

Q1. What does the odometer measures ?
Answer : Distance travelled

Q2. What colour are brake lights ?
Answer : Red

Q3. Which country produces the car brand toyota ?
Answer : Japan

Q4. Which company refers to 3 diamond emblem ?
Answer : Mitsubishi

Q5. Which brand is known as Spirit of ecstasy ornament ?
Answer : Rolls Royce

Park+ Daily Quiz Answers Today 5th August 2023

Question.1- The “XUV500” was first launched in which year?

A. 2019
B. 2011
C. 2010
D. 2016

Answer: (B) 2011

Question.2- 92% of new cars sold in _ use ethanol as fuel.

A. Srilanka
B. Brazil
C. Tajikistan
D. Pakistan

Answer: (B) Brazil

Question.3- Which country did the famous “Toyota” originate from?

A. Japan
C. Italy
D. Germany

Answer: (A) Japan

Question.4- Which luxury car brand features the “Phantom”?

A. Bentley
B. Jaguar
C. Rolls Royce
D. Aston Martin

Answer: (C) Rolls-Royce

Question.5- What does the “turbocharger” do in an engine?

A. Increase fuel efficiency
B. Boost engine power by compressing air to the engine
C. Improve handling and stability
D. Enhance engine sound

Answer: (B) Boost engine power by compressing air to the engine


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