Aleo Zealy Quiz Answers Today Learn & Earn Crypto ( Scavenger Hunt )

Play Aleo Zealy Quiz Answers Today during contest running period and earn crypto . Aleo is also known as Layer-1 Blockchain.

Aleo Zealy Quiz Answers

Pariticipate in aleo zealy quiz answers and gave all questions answers correctly and earn crypto . Aleo zealy quiz questions also known as scavenger hunt question.

How to play aleo zealy quiz or scavenger hunt quiz?

Visiti Aleo Zealy official website at your browser.

Type Aleo Quest on Search Bar.

Then you will saw total 14 nos. questions and gave all questions answer correctly and claim your reward.

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Aleo Quiz Answers Today

Q1. Fill in the blanks: Leo _ low-level __. so you can easily write ZK logic for private, scalable, and decentralized apps.

A. Abstracts, Cryptography
B. Condenses, conversations
C. Abstracts, Functions
D. Simplifies, GPUs

Answer : Abstracts, Cryptography

Q2. Pass enables individuals to do what?

A. Attend Aleo events for free
B. Trade music festival tickets via NFTs
C. Develop secure AI systems
D. Gain a reputation score based on their DeFi activity
E. Confidently verify their identity information in a secure manner while maintaining complete privacy

Answer : Confidently verify their identity information in a secure manner while maintaining complete privacy

Q3. What does Zero-Knowledge Finance (ZeFi) on Aleo enable?

A. Fast Transactions and Public State
B. User-privacy and Regulatory Compliance
C. P2P Swaps and Re-execution
D. Lending Protocols and Public Voting

Answer : User-privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Q4. What 3 components are considered core Aleo infrastructure?

A. Aleo, Blockchain, Ethereum
B. Leo, snarkOS, snarkVM
C. Aleo, Bitcoin, Monero

Answer: Leo, snarkOS, snarkVM

Q5. snarkVM + snarkOS = ?

A. zkCloud
B. zkStack
C. zkSnark
E. zPass

Answer : zkCloud

Q6. What is the amount of money granted with an Aleo Ignition Grant?

A. $1,000
B. $3,000
C. $1,500
D. $2,500
E. $10,000

Answer : $3000

Q7. Rank the following Aleo grant programs in order from smallest to largest by typical grant size:

A. Ignition, Launch, Blueprint
B. Launch, Blueprint, Ignition
C. Blueprint, Lauch, Ignition
D. Launch, Ignition, Blueprint
E.Ignition, Blueprint, Launch

Answer : Ignition, Blueprint, Launch

Q8. What types of projects get funded by the Aleo Grants Program?

A. All projects with good ideas
B. Projects with open-source elements built on Aleo
C. zkProjects
D. Closed-source projects
E. The projects with the most users

Answer : Projects with open-source elements built on Aleo

Q9. True zk should provide these three things

A. Decentralization, Scalability, and Privacy
B. Speed, Complexity, and Centralization
C. Scalability, Efficiency, and Simplicity

Answer : Decentralization, Scalability, and Privacy

Q10. The Aleo Network is devoted to educating the public on what?

A. Ensuring internet privacy through VPN services
B. Blockchain’s impact on government control
C. The potential of applied cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs
D. The potential of cross-border payments

Answer : The potential of applied cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs

Q11. The Aleo Network is open-source

A. True
B. False
C. Neither

Answer : True

Q12. What is the name of this ZK dice game on Aleo built by the company Kryha?

A. zkRoll
B. Boloney!
C. zkPoker
D. Dice Dice Dice

Answer : Boloney!

Q13. This platform provides tools that help developers build high-performance apps that users can privately interact with on their browsers.

A. Aleo Devnet
B. Aleo Testnet
C. Aleo SDK
D. Leo
E. Leo Playground

Answer : Aleo SDK

Q14. This tool lets you rapidly develop new Leo programs in your browser – no downloads required.

A. Visual Studio Code
B. Leo Playground
C. Remix
D. Leo Browser Extension

Answer : Leo Playground


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