Binance EOS Quiz Answers : Learn & Earn 1.75 Staking Rewards

Binance EOS Quiz Answers : Do you wants to know about binance What is EOS quiz answers during binance learn and earn quiz ongoing contest . Now you are in right place for binance eos quiz answers learn and earn token . Binance EOS Quiz Answers also known as binance EOS Token quiz answers , binance eos quiz answers, binance what is eos quiz answers. In this post you can find correct answers of binance eos quiz answers today, binance HFT quiz answers, binance hook quiz answers .

Binance EOS Quiz Answers

Find below binance Eos quiz answers today. So don’t late find all correct answers of Binance EOS QUIZ.

Binance EOS Token Quiz Answers

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Today we will explain about binance learn and earn quiz contests binance eos quiz answers, which is available on on binance academy section. Play binance learn and earn quiz contest and earn EOS , BNB, BUSD, HFT , SOL, HOOK Tokens. So play binance learn & earn quiz answers earn tokens.

Binance EOS Quiz Answers Learn & Earn Staking Reward Token

Q1. The EOS Network consumes significantly less energy than Bitcoin and Ethereum and is certified carbon neutral.

Answer: True

Q2. EOS is leveraging its technology to unlock use cases in GameFi, DeFi and, more broadly, the Metaverse.

Answer: True

Q3. The EOS Network has an insurance program called Recover+ that protects EOS DeFi users from hacks.

Answer: True

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Q4. Which of the following performance metrics does EOS achieve?

Answer: All are correct

Q5. Who is the founder and current CEO of the EOS Network Foundation?

Answer: Yves La rose

Q6. Who is the EOS Network designed for?

Answer: All are correct

Q7. Which of the following is not characteristic of the EOS blockchain? 

Answer: Expensive gas fees

Q8. In an effort to achieve absolute code independence, community engineers, led by the EOS Network Foundation, performed a non-contentious hard fork of the EOS codebase.

Answer: True

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